Deal for Fifth Season of MAD MEN is Closer, but Premiere May Be Delayed Again

     March 22, 2011

Mad Men slice

Last year the negotiations for the fourth season of Mad Men resulted in the usual summer season premiere to be pushed back until August. It appears we’re having déjà vu all over again as negotiations for AMC’s hit series are still happening. Deadline reports though a deal is close to wrapping up Matthew Weiner for another season of Mad Men, the problem is the negotiations have gone well past the previous length of time it took to get the series’ fourth season locked down. When negotiations didn’t end until January last year, that’s when the show’s fourth season premiere was pushed until August. With this deal, the fifth season may not end up hitting the air until the fall. I suppose Mad Men fans should be grateful that the fifth season is actually happening (though it seems like a no-brainer), but the delay is certainly frustrating.