AMC Releases New, Glamourous MAD MEN Promotional Images for Season 6

     March 13, 2013

AMC has slowly been teasing us with promotional pictures and teasers for the upcoming season of Mad Men, but we’ve finally made the jump to color with this latest batch.  In them we see some characters not featured in the other promos, including Stan and his magnificent beard, as well as Ginsberg posing as Colonel Sanders.  Joan is resplendent with her deep cerulean blue gown while Megan’s hair is in need of a warning beacon for incoming jets.  Above all, there’s baby Eugene, who is now a toddler from the Renaissance.  Hit the jump for the pics.

Peggy getting her own panel is a great sign that she’ll still be around in the upcoming season despite jumping firms.  In other news, it looks like Betty is back to her original size.

Images courtesy of TV Fanatic:

Matthew WeinerJon HammJessica Paré and Rich Sommer recently sat down to talk about the upcoming season in a featurette that reveals this upcoming season will give us even more insight into Don, as well as about “growing up.”  The latest poster also seems to suggest that Don is committing to a new path forward.  Still, seeing is believing.

Mad Men will return with a two-hour premiere on April 7th at 8pm on AMC.