Electronic Arts Developing MADDEN CURSE Movie

     December 20, 2010


The “Madden Curse” is well known among gamers and football fans.  The “curse” is that whichever athlete appears on the cover of the latest Madden video game will be beset with a serious injury or poor performance on the field.  Since 1999, players affected by the curse include Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, and Donovan McNabb.  However, 2009’s cover boy, Brett Farve started in every game last season and this year’s player, Drew Brees, has managed to stay healthy (so far).  But where some athletes see career-ending tragedy, Electronic Arts (the company behind the Madden games) sees the potential for outrageous comedy!

According to TheWrap, the company is getting into the movie biz and developing Madden Curse, “The story will follow a former Madden video game champion who is forced out of retirement just as he finds himself on the corner of the game’s cover — and subject to the curse.”  Hit the jump for my confusion on what they’re going for.

TheWrap doesn’t make clear if the “champion” is an actual football player or a champion at the videogame who somehow gets featured on the cover of a video game.  If it’s a retired football player, then it’s not like he’s been sidelined by an injury (although I guess you could spin it as a funnier Final Destination-esque gag where everything in his day-to-day life is trying to kill him).  And if he got injured, how would that get him back in the game?  If the film is about someone who’s a champion at a video game, I have trouble believing that EA would put a gamer instead of an football player on the cover of their billion-dollar football video game franchise.

It’s possible that the curse isn’t an injury, but rather an affliction where the victim can only hear the John Madden’s disembodied voice spout inanities like “He’s a great player, because he loves to win and hates to lose.”


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