Maggie Grace Joins Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in James Mangold’s WICHITA

     August 27, 2009

Maggie Grace Joins Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz .jpg

First she was shot in the gut on “Lost’ and then she got “Taken” from Liam Neeson, now Maggie Grace is set to make Cameron Diaz look old and matronly in the new spy thriller from director James Mangold.  Grace has been cast as Diaz’s sister in the feature film which co-stars Tom Cruise… always assuming he doesn’t drop out at the last minute.  He does that a lot lately.  Find out more about the film that was once called “Wichita” after the jump.

According to The Hollywood Reporter James Mangold (“Cop Land”, “3:10 to Yuma”) has decided against calling his new spy film “Wichita”, opting instead for the much less-ambiguous “Untitled Wichita Project.”

cameron diaz image.jpgThe synopsis has gotten a slight upgrade as well; expanding from the “woman with terrible luck with men runs into a handsome secret agent while on a blind date” we’ve gotten used to over the past few months, to the slightly less-boring:

“A lonely woman on a seemingly harmless blind date has her life turned upside-down when a super spy takes her on a violent worldwide journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source.”

See?  That time the synopsis was longer.  And there was new stuff in there about infinite power or something.  I wonder if Cruise had that part written in to make “Wichita” appear to be something more than just another romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz.

As for Maggie Grace, THR reports that she will play an expectant bride who is “excited that Diaz will take the place of their late father and walk her down the aisle.”  So, Diaz is unlucky in love and she has a kid sister who’s getting married?  Tom Cruise is gonna have to order up some extra stunts or something because that bit is straight out of the romantic comedy hall of fame.

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