Maggie Grace talks LOCKOUT, Working With Luc Besson and Guy Pearce, DECODING ANNIE PARKER and More at WonderCon 2012

     March 20, 2012


At this weekend’s WonderCon, I was able to sit down with Maggie Grace (Lost) for an extended interview.  The reason she was attending the con was to promote Luc Besson‘s high-octane outer space thriller Lockout that also stars Guy Pearce.   In the film, Pearce plays Snow, a man wrongly accused of conspiracy to commit espionage. His one chance at a pardon comes when he is tasked with rescuing the president’s daughter from a maximum security outer space prison facility when the inmates take control.  Lockout is the feature directorial debut of James Mather and Stephen St. Leger and it opens April 13th.  For more on the film, here’s a five minute clip and our recap of the WonderCon panel.

During my interview with Grace, we talked about how she got cast, how Lockout is more of a throwback sci-fi movie, what it’s like to work for Luc Besson and with Guy Pearce, if it was more fun playing Liam Neeson‘s daughter in Taken or the President’s daughter in Lockout, and more.  In addition, Grace talks about Decoding Annie Parker (which comes out later this year) and how she’s currently filming something in Atlanta but can’t reveal what it is yet.  Hit the jump to watch.

And if you missed the first part of this interview where Grace talked about Taken 2 and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, click here.

lockout-guy-pearce-maggie-graceMaggie Grace Time Index

  • Talks about her guest spot on Law and Order: SVU before Lost.
  • 1:00 – She is thinking about “Easy” by The Commodores or “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac for her go-to karaoke song.
  • 2:20 – Luc Besson sent Grace the script, and she thought it was “hysterical.”
  • 3:00 – Lockout is a throwback sci-fi movie.
  • 3:30 – Is it more fun playing Liam Neeson’s daughter in Taken or the president’s daughter in Lockout?
  • 4:30 – Some things changed from the initial script, but mostly just figuring out plot details.
  • 5:30 – She prefers to do more takes, but the timing of the Lockout shoot didn’t always allow for many takes.
  • 6:40 – Describes Guy Pearce as a “chameleon” and says he does great with the action and one-liners.
  • 7:50 – Grace has saved a few wardrobe items, but not as many props.
  • 8:40 – Talks about her character in Decoding Annie Parker, which she thinks comes out later this year.
  • 9:20 – She’s filming something in Atlanta that she can’t name that required her to be covered in blood, which caused problems at airport security.


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