Exclusive Featurette for Documentary MAGICAL UNIVERSE Featuring Doll Artist Al Carbee

     September 24, 2014


Almost all films take a very long time to make, but over a decade?  That’s quite the commitment and that’s exactly what Jeremy Workman jumped into with his latest documentary, Magical Universe.  The film covers his ten-year relationship with Al Carbee, an 88-year-old artist who spends all of his time tucked away in his Maine abode creating his art, most of which features dolls.

Magic Universal has screened at over a dozen festivals and received numerous awards including the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Woodstock Film Festival.  Now the film is inching its way towards an October 31st VOD debut and limited theatrical run, and we’ve got the opportunity to share an exclusive featurette in honor of the release.  It’s also worth noting that Workman is a skilled editor and is responsible for a number of very successful trailers and film promos, so it should come as no surprise that this new Magic Universe featurette plays especially well.  Hit the jump to check it out.

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Here’s the synopsis for Magical Universe:

Filmed for over a decade, MAGICAL UNIVERSE is a portrait of Al Carbee, an 88 year old strange and reclusive outsider artist who spends his days alone in a massive house in Maine creating art — mostly featuring Barbie Dolls in elaborate dioramas. The documentary profiles Carbee’s amazing body of work and his relentlessly creative lifestyle.  Carbee’s story is explored through the prism of his unlikely friendship with New York filmmaker Jeremy Workman, who unexpectedly becomes Carbee’s closest friend and only link to the outside world. Far beyond just a portrait of an eccentric, MAGICAL UNIVERSE is about wonder, friendship, and the transcendent power of creativity. Its story culminates with Al Carbee’s greatest triumph as an artist and a man.


Magical Universe Featurette

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