Mailbag! You Asked Us Your Questions, and We Answered

     June 9, 2017


Last week, we

Tone: maybe like 7 years ago it was reported that bill hader was writing or had written a horror/comedy screenplay, has there ever been any progress on that project? or development hell?

Per Hader himself on the Bill Simmons Podcast a few years ago, that project’s dead. He said they couldn’t make a slasher movie work as a comedy because a serial killer didn’t lend itself to humor as well as, say, zombies. But don’t worry, Hader’s currently working on an HBO series he created and stars in! – Adam

Sherie: I am struggling to understand AMPAS’s decision to allow anyone to nominate the best animated feature. Aren’t we going to lose awesome nominees like The Red Turtle and Boy and the World in favour of Secret Life of Pets or Madagascar 3? Aren’t they throwing out art in favour of popularity?

It’s quite possible, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right. I’m not entirely sure why this decision was made, but having a carefully curated nomination committee has been both a blessing and a curse depending on the categories. For some, like documentary feature or score, the nomination committee plays favorites and it’s not always fair. But Best Animated Feature always churned out exciting choices, like you mentioned. I suppose we’ll find out what happens this year but yeah, unfortunately it’s entirely possible we get a list of nominees that’s only major studio releases. – Adam


Image via Disney

Ian: What is the news on the del Toro Haunted Mansion reboot?

That one’s still in development as far as we know. It’s a passion project for Del Toro, and Ryan Gosling has expressed interest in teaming up with the filmmaker on it, but it’s far from being greenlit. Right now it’s about A. Getting the script in a place where both Del Toro and Disney are happy with it and B. Convincing Disney it’s worth making. Since the studio is laser-focused on adapting their animated films at the moment I’m not sure there’s a huge impetus to get The Haunted Mansion off the ground ASAP, and of course Del Toro has a number of things he’s working on—including his Netflix series Trollhunters. – Adam

Quentin: How do you deconflict opinions between all your contributors? For example, you recently posted an article about how disappointing/bad the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery looked….then, days later, listed it among your Top 5 trailers for new tv shows.

We welcome it! One of the things that I’m most proud of with Collider is the variety of opinions we hold as a staff and among our contributors. We would never mandate that any property must be written about only positively or negatively. The important thing is to make your case for why you feel something is good or bad, successful or unsuccessful.


In the case you mentioned, as a long-time Star Trek fan, Matt Goldberg was disappointed in that trailer for Discovery. But Andrea Reiher, who wrote up the Top 5 trailer list, thought that it had a lot of promise just based on its own merits (especially when compared to so much of the network’s dreck this fall). I’m sure there are people who identified with each take depending on their own feelings, which is why we like to feature different opinions from different points of view. – Allison


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