Could Charlie Sheen Return for MAJOR LEAGUE 3?

     June 22, 2010


Have you ever wondered what a film featuring an out-of-retirement Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn mentoring a young baseball prospect would look like?  Chances are, probably not.  However, that doesn’t mean that the film couldn’t become a reality as Major League writer/director David S. Ward  has written a film with a similar premise, and is currently in the process of reuniting much of the original cast for what he thinks of as Major League 3.  (Let’s try and forget about that other Major League 3, also known as Major League: Back to the Minors.)

For many, this news is the first step in the necessary healing process after seeing Back to the Minors.  For the second step to recovery, hit the jump to find out who else might return to the diamond.

major_league_wild_thing_edition_dvdAccording to Moviehole, Ward is not only interested in bringing back Charlie Sheen as the aforementioned “Wild Thing,” but is also hoping to return Tom Berenger (the wily veteran Jake Taylor), Corbin Bernsen (the lifetime .100 hitter Roger Dorn), and Wesley Snipes (reprising his role as Willie Mays Hayes).  While he has talked to Sheen, who he claims is excited about participating, Ward claims that he is yet to talk with Berenger, Bernsen, or Snipes.

Finally, Ward says that “if and when it happens,” shooting could begin as soon as next year during Sheen’s hiatus from Two and a Half Men.   As a fan of the first two films, here’s to hoping that, if this project goes down, we see a return to form for the franchise — and also a return of “Wild Thing’s” classic haircut.  I’ll never understand why my mom wouldn’t let me get that haircut as a kid…

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