Major Updates on STAR TREK 2

     November 17, 2009


To promote the release of Star Trek today on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download, the cast and crew have once again stepped into public to let us know where the U.S.S. Enterprise is heading next.  First, a bit of sad but not totally unexpected news: We probably won’t see Star Trek 2 until 2012.  It is a bit of a bummer considering that we’ve grown accustomed to a breakout hit having its sequel ready in two years time.  The bright side is that they won’t be rushed and can really put their time into making this film better than the first.

Hit the jump for more about the sequel’s villains, timeline, and the tone the filmmakers want to set.

star_trek_enterprise_-_j.j._abrams_star_trek_movie.jpgSci Fi Wire got some major scoops about Star Trek 2 on the red carpet last night as members of the Trek cast and crew celebrated the release of their hit film on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download.  While they’re still being a little sparse with big revelations-partially because they’re still crafting the story-they did share some of the ideas they’ve been tossing around for the sequel.

Of all the scoops, the one I found most interesting was producer/writer Damon Lindelof’s revealing that the sequel may avoid a conventional, chronological timeline in relation to the first film.  Says Lindelof,

“One of the things we like to do as storytellers is drop you in the middle of something…Could this be something that predated even, perhaps, some of the adventures that they had in the first movie? Does it happen five years later? Is it happening two seconds later? Who knows? So we’re not going to tell you.”

star_trek_movie_poster_comic_con.jpgThis isn’t a huge surprise when you remember that Lindelof is the co-executive producer of Lost and that Star Trek diretor J.J. Abrams created Alias, a show which often began in medias res (as did Abrams 2006 film, Mission: Impossible III).

The filmmakers are also looking to eschew convention when it comes to the tone of their sequel.  Rather than going bigger and louder, Lindelof says they’re taking a different approach:

“When you buy your ticket and your popcorn and you go and sit and watch the second movie that we’re all working on together, we want to give the audience an experience that feels like it’s not a sequel in all the best ways.”

But where they are hewing to convention is in possibly resurrecting the series’ most popular antagonist, Khan Noonien Singh, played by Ricardo Montalban both in the character’s debut in the Star Trek episode “Space Seed” and more famously in the most popular Trek movie, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  Here’s what Sci Fi Wire had to report:

“We’re not even at that stage yet, but the fun of where we are on the sequel is we could use some of what was done before in a new way,” Abrams said. “But we haven’t even figured out what we would use yet, so it’s very early on.” [Co-writer Roberto Orci] added that the creative team would vote on whether Khan works for their new story. “That’ll be kind of a groupthink decision,” Orci said.

I really hope they vote this idea down.  Khan doesn’t even fit with the new continuity and I think Abrams’ Star Trek should forge its own direction and create new villains rather than stay on the remake bus just to please those fanboys who lack imagination and fear anything that isn’t familiar.  If they want to draw from Trek cannon, then they should increase the role of Klingons, Romulans, and other prominent alien species from the series.

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