Malcolm Gladwell Will Smarten Up the Script to HEXUM

     March 28, 2011


I’m a fan of author Malcolm Gladwell.  Even when I have trouble believing his theories, his writing is always sharp, concise, and entertaining.  He’s clearly a smart guy and Disney wants to use his brainpower on David Arata’s script Hexum.  According to Deadline, the script’s protagonist is “is a CIA threat assessment analyst, an alternative thinking brainiac who is relegated to a distant corner of the CIA where he assembles theories nobody pays attention to. By connecting a series of seemingly random occurrences, he uncovers a sinister adversary planning an imminent global threat. And of course, his biggest challenge is to get anybody to believe him.”  For an agency centered around intelligence, it seems awfully stupid to not listen to the guy.  His job title is “threat assessment analyst“.  Wouldn’t it be wise to listen when he’s assessed and analyzed a threat?

Gladwell will be credited as an executive producer on the film and his contribution to the script will be injecting real logic into the analyst’s theories.  If you’re interested in reading Gladwell’s work, I highly encourage you to pick up The Tipping Point.  If you want to read one of his works now, check out his New Yorker piece on why NFL teams have difficulty drafting good quarterbacks.

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