Kevin Smith Announces that the ‘Mallrats’ Sequel Will Be a 10-Episode TV Series

     June 10, 2016


By his own admission, Kevin Smith talks about his projects “until they are true.” He has no hesitancy about announcing ideas even if those ideas aren’t even close to fruition. He talked about Red State for years and years, but it finally became a reality. It’s not a very good reality, but he made it happen all the same.

Smith has been working at a steady clip the past few years. He released the horror film Tusk and now the spin-off Yoga Hosers is set to open this July. While it’s unknown what his follow-up will be, he could go with a sequel to Mallrats. Smith has been talking up Mallrats 2 for a while now, but now it looks like instead of a movie, it will be a 10-episode TV series.


Image via Universal Pictures

Speaking on Philadelphia’s Preston and Steve morning radio show on WMMR [via SR], Smith said, “he and Universal are now nearing agreement to make the ten-episode TV series.” However, there are no details about the casting, or on what network the show might air. He did say he still plans to shoot at Exton Square Mall.

The TV landscape is very different from the last time Smith launched a non-reality TV show, the animated Clerks series, which was great, albeit short lived on ABC where it’s weirdness was never really at home. Smith might have far more luck in the current landscape. He already has a positive relationship with AMC, which runs his show Comic Book Men, so perhaps that will be a good home for the series.

The other question is if Mallrats has enough of a cult following to make it a hit. The movie was a flop upon release, but in the years since, it’s built up a fanbase, and with good reason. It’s a fun romp of a film, and while it doesn’t work as well as Smith’s debut, Clerks, there’s room to turn it into a series. That being said, Tusk and Yoga Hosers don’t inspire a lot of confidence, so I’m not sure if Smith has a quality TV series in him at this point in his career.


Image via Universal Pictures