First MAN DOWN Image Featuring Shia LaBeouf, Jai Courtney and Clifton Collins Jr.

     November 5, 2014


We only first found out that Shia LaBeouf, Kate Mara and Gary Oldman were set to star in Dito Montiel’s latest, Man Down, back in September, but our very first look at the film is already here.  Man Down is a psychological thriller penned by Adam Simon (Synapse) and is about an Afghanistan war veteran struggling with his past while looking for his family in a post-apocalyptic America.

Hit the jump to catch the very first Man Down image featuring LaBeouf as that aforementioned war veteran as well as Jai Courtney and Clifton Collins Jr. as well.

The Solution Entertainment Group was handling the international rights to Man Down back at the Toronto International Film Festival and now the company is shopping it at AFM as well.

We’ve only got that brief synopsis [Update: a full official synopsis has been released and is included below], so there’s not much to assess at this point, but with that cast, there’s certainly loads of potential.  There’s no doubt LaBeouf, Mara, Oldman, Courtney and Collins Jr. will deliver, but the big question I’ve still got pertains to the post-apocalyptic status.  Post-apocalyptic scenarios are a dime a dozen right now, so if you’re going to run with that concept, there better be a good reason for it.

I kind of like the idea of a soldier coming home to find the country in ruins and then have to search for his family, but based on the abundance of facial hair in this image, it looks as though LaBeouf, Courtney and Collins Jr. may have been living in the States without many amenities for a period of time already.  But, then again, we don’t know much about the timeline in the script, so it’s impossible to tell from a single image.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In a savage post-apocalyptic America, U.S. Marine GABRIEL DRUMMER (La Beouf), searches desperately for the whereabouts of his estranged son, JONATHAN and wife, NATALIE (Mara). Accompanied by his best friend DEVIN ROBERTS (Courtney), a hardnosed marine whose natural instinct is to shoot first and ask questions later, the two intercept CHARLES (Clifton Collins Jr.), an apocalyptic survivor carrying vital information about the whereabouts of Gabriel’s family. As we revisit the past, we are guided in unraveling the puzzle of Gabriel’s experience and what will eventually lead us to​ the origin of this war torn America.​


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