Listen to Hans Zimmer’s Complete Soundtrack for MAN OF STEEL

     June 10, 2013


We’ve listened to a couple tracks and some 30-second clips from Hans Zimmer‘s score for Man of Steel, but now the full album is streaming online.  The score is one of the best aspects of the movie, and I’m planning to buy it when it goes on sale tomorrow, although I’m still unsure if I’ll get the regular edition or the deluxe edition.  Either way, you’ll hear how Zimmer has managed to capture not just the majestic aspect we’ve come to expect from a Superman score, but also something ethereal and somber that’s unique to director Zack Snyder‘s take on the character.

Click here to go listen to full album, click here to pre-order the regular edition of the soundtrack, and click here to pre-order the deluxe edition.  Man of Steel opens in 3D on Friday.

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