MAN OF STEEL: What Did You Think?

     June 13, 2013


It’s finally here, folks.  It’s been seven years since Superman last graced the silver screen, and after countless set photos, rumors, images, posters, and trailers, director Zack Snyder’s new film Man of Steel is finally in theaters for all the world to see.  I enjoyed the film quite a lot, myself.  Snyder wows with genuinely awe-inspiring visuals and action sequences, but the film also packs a surprising emotional punch that is buoyed by truly stellar performances from the entire cast.  Matt has already posted his review and Steve has been raving about the pic basically non-stop, but now we’d like to hear from you, dear readers.  Was Man of Steel everything you hoped it would be?  What did you think of Snyder’s take on the character?  Was Henry Cavill the right guy to bring this new Superman to life?  Where do you want to see things go in the sequel?

We welcome you to sound off in the comments section, where healthy and spirited debate is greatly encouraged.  After the jump, you’ll also find links to plenty of interviews and Man of Steel-related material that we have posted in the past, which you might find more relevant or interesting now that you’ve seen the film.  Up, up, and away!

martin-ansin-man-of-steel-poster-regularA gentle reminder with regards to comments: disagreement is a good thing.  We’re all here because we love movies, and sharing opposing points of view allows us to engage with the material on an entirely different level.  If you have an opinion, by all means share it, but please refrain from derogatory or bigoted comments or personal attacks.  They do nothing to move the conversation forward and Steve has no reservations about banning such users from the comments section.

If you skipped any of our previous coverage because you didn’t want to know much about the film going in, now is a good time to catch up on all of our Man of Steel goodness.  Click here to catch up on the entirety of our coverage, or peruse some of the more relevant links below:



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