MAN ON WIRE Director James Marsh Presses Play on THE VATICAN TAPES

     November 9, 2009


After wrapping up on “Red Riding: 1980”, James Marsh, the Oscar-winning director of “Man on Wire”, will move straight to the supernatural thriller “The Vatican Tapes”.  According to THR, the film centers on a series of events that unfold after a tape gets leaked from the Vatican displaying an exorcism that goes wrong.  It sounds like a solid premise and even though I haven’t seen his 2005 film, “The King” starring Gael Garcia Bernal, I’m excited to find out how Marsh will handle non-documentary films.

But back to “The Vatican Tapes”, I have a question: has there ever been an exorcism gone right?  Like the priests finish exorcising the demon, the little girl smiles, the priests high-five, and then everyone goes out for ice cream?  Wouldn’t the Catholic Church film a successful exorcism, post it on YouTube, and then say, “Let’s see your Protestantism do that, fuckers!” (Of course, they wouldn’t write it out like that; it would be in Latin).

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