‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2: Giancarlo Esposito on Destroying His Darksaber Props

     March 11, 2020

Remember The Mandalorian? It was that Disney+ launch title that gave us Pedro Pascal as the title character (while depriving us of his face) and brought Baby Yoda into the zeitgeist. However, the original Star Wars series also folded in plenty of lore from the fictional universe. One of the most compelling tie-ins came at the very end of the first season as newcomer Giancarlo Esposito, playing Imperial antagonist Moff Gideon, cut his way free from a downed TIE Fighter with the legendary darksaber.

And that’s where the streaming series left us. We do know that Esposito will have an expanded role in Season 2, which recently wrapped filming and is headed for an October debut. But what about that weapon itself?


Image via Disney+

In a quick chat with Esposito during the premiere of Disney+’s Stargirl, CS asked if he was ready to give that Darksaber a hearty swing:

“I am. I really am. I want to say I’ve destroyed quite a few of them and the prop guys go, ‘Wow, you go all in.’”

Esposito didn’t give away much more than that, but he did share his feelings about Season 2:

“This season is going to be really great. This is the ultimate space western that’s so connected to things that we don’t know and don’t see. Originally George Lucas had a mentor and friend in Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell was all about the power of myth and the journey of the hero. Isn’t every one of our journeys the journey of the hero? … ’The Mandalorian’ is a series so steeped in myth and the hero’s journey to overcome anything, to be in service… I love this show. I really do. It’s visionary in so many ways and I am happy to be a part of it.”

Be sure to head over to the CS link for more. And stay tuned for more on Season 2 of The Mandalorian over the next few months as we head towards the October debut.