David Cronenberg Talks Next Film, MAPS TO THE STARS; Hopes Viggo Mortensen Will Co-Star with Robert Pattinson

     May 29, 2012


David Cronenberg‘s latest film, Cosmopolis, picked up some positive buzz last week when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.  Now the director is looking to reunite not only with that film’s star, Robert Pattinson, but with frequent collaborator Viggo Mortensen.  And while we previously reported that Pattinson was looking to team up with Cronenberg for a movie set in France, apparently Cronenberg’s next movie, Maps to the Stars, will be set in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

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david-cronenberg-viggo-mortensen-tiffAccording to The Playlist, Cronenberg has already gotten Pattinson on board for one role, and he’s asked Mortensen if he’d like to play a part as well.  However, the project is far from a done deal:

“It’s not a go picture. We have a script that I love that [screenwriter Bruce Wagner] wrote,” Cronenberg said. “It’s a very difficult film to get made as was ‘Cosmopolis’ actually. Whether I can get this movie to happen, I tried it five years ago, I couldn’t get it made, so I still might not be able to get it made.”

The difficulty could come with the subject matter.  According to The Playlist, “the film is a dark comedic drama about two child actors ruined by Hollywood’s depravity,” and Cronenberg says Maps to the Stars is “very extreme. It’s not obviously a very big commercial movie, and even as an independent film it’s difficult. ‘Maps To the Stars’ is completely different [from ‘Cosmopolis’], but it’s very acerbic and satirical, it’s a hard sell.”  Looking back on Cronenberg’s body of work, I’m left to wonder: What was an easy sell?

Should Cronenberg make the hard sell, then Maps to the Stars will be the first movie he’s every shot in the United States.  While he was able to recreate New York on a soundstage in Toronto for Cosmopolis, Cronenberg feels that Maps is an L.A. story that has to be done on location.  I always want Cronenberg to get his way, so here’s hoping this all comes together.

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