Marc Webb to Direct the LIMITLESS Pilot for CBS

     February 3, 2015


With the Spider-Man franchise in limbo, director Marc Webb is keeping busy on other projects—including in the realm of television.  Last fall he helmed the pilot for a Showtime comedy called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (which is still in contention at the network), and now Deadline reports that Webb is coming on to take the helm of one of CBS’ most high profile pilots of the season, the Limitless TV show.

The potential series is an adaptation of the 2011 feature film starring Bradley Cooper as a schlub who comes into contact with a drug that increases his brain capacity, allowing him to make gains in nearly every area of his life.  The movie was directed by Neil Burger, and while Burger was initially set to helm the TV series pilot, he’s had to pull out due to scheduling reasons—he’s still filming the Showtime pilot Billions and won’t be finished in time.


Burger remains involved in the Limitless series as an executive producer, but now Webb will be taking over as the director.  The show revolves around Cooper’s same character from the film, only this time he’s been coerced into solving weekly cases for the FBI (what, you thought CBS wasn’t gonna turn this into a procedural?).  Cooper is also involved in the series as an executive producer alongside Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, with Craig Sweeny writing and executive producing.

Webb previously helmed the pilot for Fox’s short-lived Lone Star before Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but he’s also attached to helm the feature film The Only Living Boy in New York starring Miles Teller, which will return him to more dramatic/small-scale territory after two back-to-back Spider-Man films.

As the clock continues to tick and Sony’s plans for the Spider-Man franchise remain unclear, it’s becoming more and more likely that the world of the Amazing Spider-Man reboot is likely over.  No matter, Webb’s a gifted filmmaker so I’m eager to see what he tackles after Limitless.