CONAN Director Marcus Nispel to Helm Adaptation of HACK/SLASH

     January 13, 2012

The long-in-development adaptation of Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli’s horror-action comic book Hack/Slash may finally be coming to fruition. Heat Vision reports that Conan director Marcus Nispel has been set to direct the adaptation for Relativity Media. The story centers on Cassie Heck, the girl who always survives at the end of every horror movie. Not content with simply outliving whatever creature/serial killer was after her, Heck takes action and seeks out the horrible slashers who inflict harm on the innocent. A giant protector named Vlad joins her on her journeys, and the two enact justice on the predatory.

Nispel is no stranger to the action-horror genre, as he’s previously directed some slasher flicks of his own like the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th. While Conan didn’t exactly do gangbusters business, the visuals looked pretty fantastic and I think Nispel is a suitable fit for this twist on the slasher genre. Though the project has been lingering in development hell for quite some time, Nispel’s involvement should get things moving forward. Hopefully a new screenwriter will be attached soon. Hit the jump for a synopsis of Hack/Slash.

Here’s a description of Hack/Slash:

It’s the genre mash up you’ve always secretly wished for! TEEN SUPERHEROES meets TEEN SLASHER! In suburban New Jersey, a group of teens decide to take on the identities of long forgotten masked vigilantes! But it’s not long before the skimpy spandex draws the attention of a knife wielding maniac! Cassie and Vlad must infiltrate the supervillain underground to stop the Super Sidekick Sleepover Slaughter! [Image Comics]



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