Brad Pitt to Produce Andrew Dominik’s Marilyn Monroe Film, BLONDE

     June 1, 2012

In May 2010, we reported about two Marilyn Monroe movies headed into pre-production: Simon CurtisMy Week with Marilyn and Andrew Dominik‘s Blonde.  Dominik’s film was set to begin shooting in January 2011 with Naomi Watts attached to play the blonde bombshell.  However, Dominik’s project stalled, and My Week with Marilyn ended up making it way to theaters first with two Oscar nominations to show for it (Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor).  Usually, if two similar projects don’t begin filming around the same time, then the one that didn’t get the green light fades away and the director moves on to something else.  That seemed to be the case with Blonde since Dominik decided to go forward with an adaptation of the crime novel Cogan’s Trade, which reunited him with his Assassination of Jesse James star Brad Pitt.  The film, entitled Killing Them Softly, recently premiered at Cannes where it received positive reviews.

But it looks like Mr. Dominik hasn’t given up on Blonde, and now Pitt has come aboard to produce.  Hit the jump for more.  Killing Them Softly is due out in the U.S. on September 21st.

According to 24 Frames, Pitt’s Plan B production company will produce Blonde, which looks at “an imagined inner life of the iconic actress” based on the 2000 novel by Joyce Carol Oates.  The book was originally adapted into a TV mini-series in 2001 starring Poppy Montgomery as Monroe.  Dominik began writing his spec script in 2009, but he hadn’t secured the rights, which is probably why his film was bogged down while My Week with Marilyn rolled right along.  However, Dominik now says that Blonde could finally go in front of cameras in January or February 2013.

While Pitt says “We’re going to get this one done,” he’s currently not attached to star, although that would definitely go a long way in getting the film done.  Watts probably won’t return because “it’s likely that the filmmakers would go in a different direction.”

Monroe was born 86 years ago today, and with the 50th anniversary of her death approaching (August 5, 1962), the Marilyn marketplace is becoming more and more crowded.  In addition to Curtis’ film, the TV series Smash used the actress as the basis for a musical, and she might be resurrected in creepy hologram form.  Hopefully, Dominik’s movie will be a tad more tasteful.

Marilyn Monroe, actress, New York City, May 6, 1957

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