Mark Duplass Says CREEP 2 Will Shoot at the End of the Year; Aiming to Release the Entire CREEP Trilogy Next Year

     August 5, 2014


Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice’s SXSW 2014 entry, Creep, hasn’t even gotten a release date yet, but RADiUS-TWC already announced its plans to team up with the Duplass Brothers and Blumhouse Productions to make a Creep trilogy.  Brice both directs and stars in the first film as Aaron, a guy looking for work who comes across an ad for “film services,” takes the gig and finds himself shooting a date of Josef’s (Duplass) life documentary-style.  All is well enough at first, but as the day goes on, it becomes increasingly clear that something isn’t quite right with Josef.

While talking to Duplass about his upcoming film, The One I Love, we also got the opportunity to get a brief update on the three Creep movies.  Hit the jump to find out when Duplass plans to shoot the next one and when you can expect to see all three of them.

the-one-i-love-mark-duplassAfter asking for an update on the Creep trilogy and if he’s come up with ideas for the next two installments, Duplass revealed: 

“Mhmm.  Ah, yeah, I’m gonna be shooting the second Creep film at the end of the year and the cast will be revealed soon … I’m really excited about it because there’s a good chance that all three of them will release next year.  We’re gonna try to line them all up.”

When asked why the Creep team is choosing to take that approach, Duplass further explained:

“For me it’s, if you can spend a dollar marketing one movie, why don’t you let that dollar work for all three of them and that way you can spend a lot more and get the movie out there?”

Duplass also added that the films will be staggered, so you won’t be able to binge watch them Netflix-style, but dishing out the entire series over the course of a single year is still a bold choice.  Then again, has anyone ever complained about getting a sequel to a well-received original too quickly?  Should Creep get as much love during its theatrical run as it did at SXSW, this could be a brilliant release model.  As someone who saw and loved Creep back in March, I know I’d watch a sequel ASAP if it were available.

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