Limited Paper: Exclusive Reveal of Mark Englert’s New Screenprint, THE OLDEST AND MOST MIGHTY RACE IN THE UNIVERSE

     August 15, 2012


Ever since Limited Paper kicked off back in June, we’ve gone out of our way to include “the little guys”:  galleries that might not have the same instant name-recognition as Mondo and Gallery1988, artists that might not be as well-known as the Tyler Stout’s and Martin Ansin’s of the world, and so on.  Mark Englert—whose artwork we name-checked in the first-ever Limited Paper as a “Thing Worth Getting Excited About”—certainly falls into that category:  not only is the dude a relative newcomer to the screenprinted-poster game, but he’s also producing some of the best artwork (particularly GID artwork) currently available on the open market.

We’ve always been excited to share Mark’s work with you in the past, and today—for the first time ever—we’re proud to play host to the exclusive premiere of his latest piece, a screenprint created for the fine folks over at the UK’s LtDedition Gallery.  Who the hell is LtDedition Gallery, what’s their new poster look like, and when can you get your hands on one?  Find out after the jump, folks.

If you’ve been following Limited Paper from its inception, then you know damn-well that we’re huge fans of Mark Englert, the artist whose screenprints based on John Carpenter’s The Thing, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, and Stephen King’s It (all of which can be seen below) have knocked us on our ass over the past few months.  Mark’s a relative newcomer to the screenprinting industry, and we’ve patiently—and, OK, sure, not-so-patiently—awaited each and every one of his new releases.

About a week ago, we noticed that Mark had posted a tease for his latest print online, and immediately upon seeing it we launched into “Investigative-Journalist Mode” (read:  we sent out a number of annoying emails) to find out everything we could about it.  How could we not?  From the looks of the preview, Mark’s latest looked like something that’d definitely be in our wheelhouse.  Just look:



GID Preview

And so, we learned that the preview pic above was a small part (obviously) of a larger print that would soon be released by the UK’s LtDedition Gallery.  After exchanging a few more emails, we were granted the super-cool  privilege of debuting Mark’s latest piece.  Before we drag this on any further (you’re here to see pictures, after all, not hear us prattle on about how we got ‘em), let’s go ahead and unveil that piece….now:

  • The Oldest and Most Mighty Race in The Universe by Mark Englert
  • 18×24”
  • $65 regular edition of 150
  • $65 variant/GID edition of 50




Whoo-boy.  That is, in fact, a Dr. Who piece from Mark Englert.

Now let’s discuss details.  The print—one of the few that eschews Mark’s usual landscape format, interestingly enough—comes from a total edition of 200 copies.  This Sunday (the 19th of August), LtDedition Gallery will be pre-selling 50 Glow-In-The-Dark variant editions of the print on a first come/first serve basis.  When’re they going up?  9pm GMT, which—in case you didn’t know—is a British time-zone.  Since they’re 6 hours ahead of us, this means that our Stateside readers can look for Englert’s GID drop at 1pm PST, 3pm CST, or 4pm EST.  Also worth noting:  they’re charging $65, with free shipping anywhere in the world (!!!), and these will be the only non-AP versions of the print that sport Mark’s (legendary) GID skills.  In early October, LtDedition will be selling the other 150 copies of the print (non-GID, regular editions) for the same price.  In late October, all copies of the print will ship.


And after that?  Well, by now you probably know that Mark’s big on offering several different editions of the prints he drops, and this one’s no different:  once all the regular and variant editions of The Oldest and Most Mighty Race in The Universe have shipped out, Mark will be offering an AP edition of the print on his website.  What will those versions include?  Mark isn’t saying just yet, but we’re told that they’re going to be “hand-finished”, will have the same GID the variant editions featured, and will be markedly more expensive than the regular/variant editions of the print.  So, plan accordingly, folks.


Who the hell are these LtDedition Gallery people, anyway?  A new print by Mark Englert?!  And it’s based on Dr. Who?!  And they’re offering free shipping worldwide?!  Has the whole world gone crazy?!  Here’s what LtDedition Gallery has to say about themselves over at their website:

Here at LtDedition we produce top quality fine art archival giclee’ and screen prints at very affordable prices. Each run is very limited and exclusive to LtDedition. We work with established artists and emerging artists to provide some of the best art prints and originals around. It’s been a long journey, and we couldn’t have got this far without the help and support from the fantastic artists we have been working with.



Sounds good to us!  The LtDedition guys have been great about keeping us informed thus far, so I asked both them and Mark about working with one another, how the print came together, and so on.  Here’s what they had to say.  Let’s start with Mark:

When Limited Art approached me, and I realized it was a UK-based gallery, the subject matter immediately clicked in my head. The series has been around for so long that I really believe it exists in the collective unconscious of everyone interested in Sci-Fi, so I tried to tap into that as much as I could…I haven’t seen the final product yet, but this is my first time using fluorescent inks, this poster will look crazy under a black light!


And here’s LtDedition Gallery’s Luke Kent (gentleman, scholar, all-around badass) on the print:

I’ve been following Marks prints for a while now.  I first saw his work back in March and fell in love with it, but– at the time — LtDedition hadn’t launched:  our launch date and prints were set for April the 30th.  I knew I wanted to work on a release with Mark, but it was just a matter of getting up and running.. and then he was going to be the first on my list to contact!  Once I did get in touch we came up with a subject for a design of the print, and it’s been in the works ever since.  When Mark sent me over the first draft of the piece, I was in awe: Mark’s attention to detail just really became apparent, every little detail is thought about…. It has been amazing to be able to work with Mark as I am such a big fan of his work. Just to have the chance to release a print with him is amazing.

So, there ya have it, folks!  I’m told that a preview page for LtDedition and Mark Englert’s The Oldest and Most Mighty Race in The Universe is going to go up soon after this article posts, so keep your eyes peeled over at LtDedition’s website and bookmark the shit out of that page when it goes up!  This Sunday, if you’re one of the first 50 people to pre-purchase Mark’s latest piece, you’ll have some pretty serious GID bragging rights.  And, as we’ve already noted, you’re going to want to keep those pages marked for early October, when the remaining/regular editions of the print go on sale.

Everyone onboard?  Good.  Stay tuned for more on Mark’s forthcoming releases, the stuff happening at LtDedition Gallery, and much, much more in the near future.  As always, if you’re a gallery, artist, or just some dude who happens to have a hot tip about an upcoming poster, we want to hear about it:  contact me directly at, and be sure that you’re following us on Twitter @LimitedPaper (once we hit 1,000 followers, we’re going to do a giveaway…so keep those follows coming, guys) if you wanna keep up with everything else going on in the screenprinted world.  You can also sound off in the comments below if electronic-mail ain’t your thing!  More to come shortly, folks, so keep your eyes peeled!

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