Limited Paper: Mark Englert’s DR. WHO Themed Poster Finally Drops This Weekend and We’ve Got Exclusive Pics

     October 5, 2012


All the way back in August, Limited Paper revealed Mark Englert’s stunning The Oldest and Most Mighty Race in the Universe, a Dr. Who-themed poster created in conjunction with the fine folks at the UK-based LtDedition Art Gallery.  Shortly following that announcement, the variant editions of that print went on sale, and shortly after that…we learned that the regular edition of the print wouldn’t be going on sale until “sometime in October”.  For those that didn’t score on the variant-drop, the wait has probably been pretty tedious, but the good news is that it’s just about over…and the better news is, the pictures that just arrived in our inbox indicate that it was more than worth the wait.

Want to find out where and when you can snag a regular edition of The Oldest and Most Mighty Race in The Universe this weekend?  Wanna see some exclusive images of a few final, printed  copies of that poster?  Of course you do!  Meet me after the jump, folks.

To some of you, it probably seems like it’s been a long, long time since we ran this article.  Yeah, yeah, it was less than two months ago, but if you weren’t lucky enough to snag one of the variant editions of Mark Englert’s The Oldest and Most Mighty Race in The Universe when LtDedition Art Gallery dropped it back then, you’ve probably been going a little nuts waiting for “sometime in October” (this was when we were told the remaining, regular editions of the print would go on sale), and we sympathize with you.

Like it says in the intro, though, we come bearing good news:  this Sunday, LtDedition Art Gallery will finally drop the rest of those posters (which—in case you’ve forgotten—is a Dr. Who-themed piece).  Yes, the day has (almost) finally come:  everyone that missed out on the variant now has a second-chance to score one of Mark Englert’s best-looking pieces… and, really, take a look at these exclusive images that LtDedition sent over:  that’s the final, printed-out version of the reg, and we think you’ll agree that this thing is gorgeous:


So, what do you need to know?  Here’s the pertinent info:  Just like the variant edition, the regular edition of The Oldest and Most Mighty Race in The Universe will be dropping at 9PM BST (check your conversion charts to find out when that is wherever you are, folk).  These regular editions are going to be limited to one per person, and will cost the same amount ($65, free shipping anywhere in the world) as the variant/pre-orders did.

  • The Oldest and Most Mighty Race in The Universe by Mark Englert
  • 18×24”
  • $65 regular edition of 200
  • One per person, free shipping anywhere in the world


Where can you pick up this stunning piece of work?  Why, through our friends over at the LtDedition Art Gallery website, of course.  Now, since this is a timed release, there shouldn’t be any mystery here as to where you need to be, what you need to do, and when ya need to be there:  figure out when 9pm BST is where you’re at, and then be at the LtDedition Art Gallery website a few minutes before that time rolls around.  Once they go live, process your orders as quickly as possible…and keep your fingers crossed for no oversells!  If you’d like to follow along with LtDedition Gallery in the lead-up to the drop, you can check out their Facebook page at this link.



You can also keep an eye on the official Limited Paper Twitter feed (@LimitedPaper):  if we happen to be near a computer when (or a bit before) the drop happens, we’ll absolutely remind ya to head over to the LtDedition Art Gallery website.  While you’re waiting on that to roll around, be sure to check out all these photos LtDedition sent over—from where we’re standing, this may just be the best-looking print Mark’s released since This is My Farm.  Here, look at some of this detail:



That’s it for now, folks, but there’s plenty more on the way.  And by the way, if you haven’t been paying attention lately:  we’ve been dropping hints via Twitter (again, @LimitedPaper:  get following, Slappy!) about that huge-ass giveaway/contest we’ve got on the horizon, and so far no one’s submitted a correct guess as to what it is.  We’ll be dropping a whole bunch of clues this week, so make sure you’re playing along via Twitter:  you don’t wanna miss this one, folks.  As always, if you’re a gallery, artist, or just someone with a hot poster-related tip to share, you can reach us directly via email at  You should also be following along with us on the official Limited Paper Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute updates on all your favorite artists and screenprint-makers.  Everyone else?  Hit the comments section and let us know what you think about today’s releases!  Gonna be a great day, folks, keep your eyes peeled here at Limited Paper HQ for more!