Limited Paper Exclusive: Mark Englert’s NEVERENDING STORY Print “The Ancient One” Goes on Sale Tomorrow

     March 5, 2013

If you’ve been following the happenings in Mark Englert’s neck of the woods over the past week or two, you know that the artist behind 2012’s best Walking Dead and Gallery 1988’s Django Unchained poster has been a busy dude lately:  for one thing, he’s wrapping up work on that yet-to-be-revealed Aliens commission;  he just finished a timed release built around his Jurassic Park-themed It’s a Dinosaur poster; and he’s been doing whatever he can to rebuild a home that was destroyed by flood waters over the holidays.  That’s a full dance card, and it would come as no surprise if Englert announced that he’d be busy fulfilling these obligations over the next few months rather than releasing anything new.

What would be a surprise, however:  a brand-new release that’s going on sale tomorrow morning.  One based on, say, the 80’s fantasy/classic The Neverending Story.  Why, that’d be preposterous.  Read more about it after the jump, folks.

So, here’s a bit of unexpected news for the Mark Englert fans of the world:  hot on the heels of Englert’s timed-release of It’s a Dinosaur comes this piece, which eagle-eyed 80’s film fans will be able to place immediately:

That’s right:  that’s a scene from Wolfgang Peterson’s The Neverending Story, the best family movie ever to make 6 year olds cry by murdering a horse in quicksand.  Mark’s been toying with a sketch for this one online over the past week, and after putting the finishing touches on a final version of it…he decided that piggybacking another timed-release onto the one he just finished just made logistical sense:  for those who ordered It’s a Dinosaur, The Ancient One will be combined into the shipping cost on that print and receive a $5 discount.  That print, by way of a reminder, looked like this:

And what of the handbills?  What wonders and delights, pray tell, will those 6×8” pieces of paper hold for those that order this print?  We can’t show you the full version of those just yet—Mark kinda prefers that they be a surprise—but here’s some previews:

Right on.  Looking good thus far.  If you’re interested in picking up a copy of The Ancient One, you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled over on Mark’s online store, Taco Belvedere.  That’s where this one will be dropping tomorrow morning/afternoon (depending on your location).  Shipping, by the way breaks down like this:  $13 shipping US, $15 to Canada and Mexico and $23 international, and all copies will be printed at the same time as It’s a Dinosaur.

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