Mark Millar’s Directorial Debut to Take Cues from TRAINSPOTTING and DISTRICT 9

     March 5, 2010

mark_millar_01.jpgMark Millar is a writer of note. His comic books have been the basis of both Wanted as well as the new movie Kick-Ass, which comes out this spring. So when you find out that Millar is working on a movie that he’s going to be directing and writing, and it’s going to start filming this summer, its news. STV got a chance to touchdown with the writer, who makes the movie sound like any film enthusiast’s dream.

In the interview, Millar describes his inspiration of the movie coming from District 9, a sci-fi epic that doesn’t ever touch the normal film settings like New York or Los Angeles but branches out to South Africa. Millar’s movie would center on a completely original superhero, taking place in Scotland, comprising of an entirely unknown Scottish cast, and working exclusively with Scottish crew members. He claims it will have the 21st century vibe of Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting, while also being “As cool as X-Men 2“, all while having a unique Scottish flavor. Kick-Ass looks awesome, and I found Wanted to be surprisingly great, so I completely support wherever Millar goes with this endeavor. He says the film is to start shooting in June or July.

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