Mark Millar Claims SUPERIOR Has “Locked Down Most High-Profile Actor of 2010”

     December 23, 2010


Mark Millar is once again doing what he does best: hyping Mark Millar.  The comic writer who always claims to be in the know (although he rarely is), is now saying that the adaptation of his new comic Superior has landed a major actor.  The comic is about Simon, a wheelchair-bound teenager with multiple sclerosis who is transformed into his favorite superhero, Superior, by an alien named Orman.  Millar tweeted, “Huge News: Superior movie just locked down most high profile actor of 2010. Official release in January. PS Issue 3 is out today. GET SOME!!”  Some what, Mark?  Some of your previous claims!  You got it!  Hit the jump for other pieces of “news” he’s spouted that haven’t be true as much as “total bullshit.”

Other fun claims from Mark Millar:

Kick-Ass 2 has been greenlit.

Wanted 2 is totally happening any day now…even though director Timur Bekmambetov is doing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Angelina Jolie is out.

And let’s not forget his planned trilogy of Superman movies, which thankfully, Warner Bros. turned him down on.  Millar is, however, planning to make his directorial debut with the horror-thriller Miracle Park, and Tony Scott is attached to direct an adaptation of Millar’s Nemesis.

Now it’s possible that Millar is right about this “most high profile actor of 2010” (which would be who?  Robert Downey Jr?  Leonardo DiCaprio?  Abe Vigoda?) and we’ll be hearing confirmation soon from an actual news source, but until now, please remember to take some salt with anything Mark Millar says.



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