Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor Exclusive Video Interviews – Wizard World

     March 16, 2008

Every once in awhile you interview someone and you’re taken aback by how much new information they tell you. Today is one of those days.

At today’s Wizard World Convention in Los Angeles, I was able to interview a lot of the cast of “Pathology” as well as Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor – the two writers of the movie. And if Mark and Brian’s names sound familiar to you…they should. They’re the crazy filmmakers behind the movie “Crank,” and the just wrapped movie called “Game.” Trust me when I say “Game” is a huge movie that you should be looking forward to.

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of their work and the chance to interview them was a great opportunity to find out what else they have coming up. Also, I wanted to how they’re going to raise the bar on action scenes in “Crank 2.” Add to that, I was just at ShoWest learning about 3D technology, so I was curious if they were going to use it in the future.

In case you don’t know, Mark and Brian are their own cameramen. So when you see those crazy shots in “Crank,” it’s them. Mark actually explains how the new Red camera has altered how they work and he explains the benefits of the new technology.

Seriously, if you’re a fan of these guys these are must watch interviews.

Also… it doesn’t hurt that Mark announced to me that even though they haven’t started “Crank 2” yet…they’re going to do a “Crank 3” and it’ll be in 3D!!!!!!

Oh…and he told me that the film after “Crank 2” is going to be the DC comic “Jonah Hex”!!!

As I said, this is a must watch interview.

The thing to know is Brian was a bit more guarded when talking about future projects, but he did confirm that they’re very interested in using 3D to tell their stories. He said the reason they’re waiting is they need the cameras to get smaller. I think when Mark told me “Crank 3 3D” he’s assuming the cameras are small enough for them to use like any other camera.

Finally, I’m seeing “Pathology” later this week so expect some thoughts on the movie soon. And if you’ve missed some of my recent video interviews from the week, here are some links – Emile Hirsch, Christian Bale, America Ferrara and Get Smart Director Peter Segal, Producer Joel Silver, Seth Rogen and Robert Downey Jr.and Milo Ventimiglia.

And with that, here’s Mark and Brian. I would’ve interviewed them together but Mark arrived in the press room first… and I didn’t know Brian was coming later.

Mark Neveldine

  • He tells me his balls hurt

  • I ask about Pathology and if he’s been frustrated by having to wait for the film to come out

  • Game talk – he talks about what fans can expect. He also talks about the new Red camera and he explains why they used it.

  • Interruption by Alyssa Milano

  • Do they have any long takes in Game. He talks about a 2 minute take with 9 explosions and 250 extras.

  • We then moved the location due to sound and people all around us

  • I ask about running time of Game – he says it’s 1 hour 45minutes

  • He says the trailer will be out in 3 months

  • Comic-Con talk

  • Jonah Hex – Mark announces they are going to make the DC comic into a movie! He says they are making it after Crank 2!

  • I ask how they are going to raise the bar with Crank 2 – he talks about a moving bullet camera which they are inventing and it’s never been done before. Plus a lot more!

  • I ask about 3D filmmaking and he says Crank 3 will be in 3D!!!

  • I ask what cameras will they be using. He explains.

Brian Taylor

  • I ask about the shoot for Game

  • (we had to break for his panel – notice the new coat)

  • I ask about the writing room when they are working. He explains how they work

  • How hard is it to come up with those action set pieces. He talks about not wanting to use CG and he likes doing it all real

  • I ask about working with actors and the complicated action scenes

  • Crank 2 talk – he says it’s more violent, more sex, more of everything

  • I ask if they wanted to do Crank 2 or was it the studio that came to them

  • Crank 2 budget talk

  • I ask how interested they are in 3D filmmaking

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