Mark Wahlberg Talks BROKEN CITY, TED 2, PAIN & GAIN, TRANSFORMERS 4 and The New England Patriots

     December 18, 2012


Opening January 18 is director Allen Hughes’ (The Book of Eli) political thriller Broken City.  The film stars Mark Wahlberg as a private detective who is hired to identify the lover of a powerful politician’s wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones).  Russell Crowe plays the morally ambiguous politician.  The film also stars Jeffrey Wright.  For more on the film, here’s the first clip and the brand new trailer.

Over the weekend I sat down with Wahlberg for a fun interview.  We talked about how he got involved in Broken City, putting together the great cast, the way he produces, and upcoming projects like Pain & Gain, Ted 2, and Transformers 4.  However, while it was great to talk about his film projects, the best part was hearing him talk about the New England Patriots and getting to attend the game last week with his son.  While I thought about editing out his comments on the Patriots after the disappointing loss last night, I thought some of you might like to see it.  Hit the jump to watch.

Mark Wahlberg:

  • Talks Patriots and going to the Monday night game last week and his thoughts on the rest of the season
  • 2:10 – How did he get involved in Broken City.  Talks about how the script had been on the black list
  • How involved is he as a producer
  • Talks about putting together the great cast. Reveals he gave up some of his backend to make sure he could get this cast
  • Talks about Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain
  • What’s the status of Ted 2 and when does he shoot Transformers 4


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