Mark Wahlberg May Travel REYKJAVIK-ROTTERDAM

     October 5, 2009


In his ongoing effort to make us forget he was in any films in 2008, Mark Wahlberg is in discussions to star in a remake of the award-winning Icelandic film, “Reykjavik-Rotterdam”.  Winner of five Edda Awards (Iceland’s equivalent of an Oscar), the film is Iceland’s submission to the Academy to be one of the five films nominated for Best Foreign Film.  According to THR, the story is about a security guard and former alcohol smuggler on the Iceland-Netherlands route who is tempted back into illicit business by a dubious friend after encountering financial problems.   THR notes that the English version will probably relocate.  I would like to note that in English version, they probably won’t be smuggling alcohol.  Baltasar Kormakur, who produced and starred in the original, will direct the remake.

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