Mark Wahlberg Eyes the Lead Role Opposite Seth MacFarlane-Voiced TEDDY BEAR

     October 13, 2010


Mark Wahlberg is reportedly considering the lead role in Teddy Bear, the feature directorial debut of animation tycoon Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad).  The bizarre-sounding R-rated comedy (previously titled Ted) posits Wahlberg as a 33-year-old man whose childhood teddy bear comes to life and — according to Pajiba — “likes to party, pick up women, smoke pot, and play video games.”  MacFarlane will voice the teddy bear, co-wrote the script with Family Guy partners-in-crime Alec Sulkin and (the excellently named) Wellesley Wild.

I’ve found MacFarlane’s creations funny enough, and the conceit is intriguing.  In terms of stature, Wahlberg is an alluring choice.  But as seen in The Other Guys, Wahlberg’s take on “beleaguered straight man” was a bit flat.  That’s what this would be, right?  The owner is the voice of reason in the middle of a flurry of comedic insanity?  Both Wahlberg and MacFarlane have proven they are capable of very funny performances, so I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it work if he signs on.  This one’s too odd not to root for.

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