MARLEY & ME TV Series in the Works for NBC

     October 17, 2014


Do you want to watch David Frankel’s big screen adaptation of the John Grogan book Marley & Me?  Not in my apartment.  I read the book before catching the film so knew what was coming the whole time, but even then, the way Frankel depicts the book’s big finish is so gratuitous that I refuse to let anyone else watch it while in my presence.

Now in addition to avoiding Frankel’s film, it looks as though I’ll have to avoid a TV series as well because it’s being reported that NBC just scored a single-camera comedy sequel in a “competitive situation.”  Hit the jump for more on the Marley & Me TV series.

marley-and-me-image-owen-wilsonAccording to Deadline, the project got a put pilot commitment.  Sex and the City’s Jenny Bicks is writing the script and Frankel is set to direct.  The feature film’s producer, Karen Rosenfelt, is on board as well, serving as executive producer alongside Bicks and Frankel.

The pilot will pick up where the film left off.  John, Jenny and their two young sons head back to Florida so that John can resume his newspaper column.  Their neighbors aren’t the best dog owners, so when their puppy winds up on John and Jenny’s doorstep, they adopt it.  Rather than buying a new leash and tag, they give the pup the ones Marley used to wear so decide to call this dog Marley as well – because that’s not morbid at all.  Turns out, Marley 2.0 is just as rambunctious as the original and helps “shed light not only on the growing pains of the Grogan family, but also the lives of the neighbors, and fellow dog-owners, around them.”

The 2008 theatrical release scored $36.4 million opening weekend and went on to accumulate $242.7 million worldwide, so it’s no wonder that 20th Century Fox TV is interested in taking the material a step further.  However, hot property or not, there’s absolutely no way I’d tune in if anything remotely bad happens to this dog.