Neil deGrasse Tyson Pitches Alternate ‘Marriage Story’ Title & the Internet Objects

     February 24, 2020


The final week of February is kicking off with a head-scratching tweet about the Oscar-favorite film Marriage Story courtesy of one Neil deGrasse Tyson. The astrophysicist and pop culture figure sent Twitter into a tizzy on Monday when he tweeted out a title he thought was more apt than the one created by the film’s writer and director, Noah Baumbach.

While many of us were getting ready for our Mondays, Tyson was busying himself crafting a tweet which would elicit some very strong reactions. Along with a photo of the Marriage Story poster, Tyson wrote, “The film ‘A Marriage Story’ (2019) [sic] should instead have been named ‘A Divorce Story’.” Now, it’s possible Tyson woke up on the funny side of the bed and wants to troll us all because he also pitched an alternate title to Gravity a few hours later. But Tyson’s initial Marriage Story tweet quickly set off a firestorm of reactions both joining in on the fun and taking a more, uh, critical approach to his film critique.

Not missing a beat, Netflix quickly chimed in with a response to Tyson’s new title, writing, “That’s assuming the title is referring to Nicole and Charlie, but what if the title is referring to Nicole and her boyfriend @ the end of the film and that it’s a story about how she came to marry HIM.” Not gonna lie, this reply works for me and somehow makes the movie even sadder than I could have ever imagined. Patton Oswalt also chimed in, quipping that Tyson should beware taking a closer look at The Neverending Story is he was gonna be so literal about titles. But these two were just a few of the many great replies, some of which are listed below.

You can watch Marriage Story on Netflix right now and decide for yourself if deGrasse Tyson’s alternate title fits. For more, check out our explainer on how to watch nine of the biggest Oscar-nominated movies.

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