Martin Lawrence Says BAD BOYS 3 Still Real And Has Recently Talked to Will Smith and Michael Bay

     April 21, 2010


Martin Lawrence says he’s in, Will Smith is ready and Michael Bay is game. He thinks Bad Boys 3 is still going to happen.

In an interview with MTV, the Big Momma’s House star said “I got Big Willie to come down and see me about the movie. I felt special.” He added “Any time you can get Big Willie to come out and talk about doing a third installment of a hot movie like Bad Boys, you have to take notice,” Lawrence explained. “I met with Michael Bay, and he said he’s onboard too – so it’s real.”

It was real last year too when Columbia hired Peter Craig to write a script . However, the main problem is getting all the players on the same schedule as Smith now has Men in Black 3 and Bay has Transformers 3, pushing this production back at least 2-3 years. Then there’s the little matter of the money man, producer Jerry Bruckheimer: “We’re just waiting on Jerry Bruckheimer to let us know when it’s really real,” Lawrence said.  Hit the jump to read about the cultural significance of the Bad Boys franchise and more.

bad_boys_2_poster_will_smith_martin_lawrence_michael_bay_01.jpgThe first Bad Boys, in 1995 was Bay’s directorial debut and put Lawrence and Smith on the map as action stars. It was a near perfect blend of humor, action and perfect chemistry between the two actors and made over three times its tiny budget. Eight years later, the band got back together. Smith was now one of the biggest stars on the planet and Bay was one of the biggest directors, so the film had to be massive. The action was insane (there’s a scene where they are literally THROWING cars) and the salaries/budget reflected that. The film was a minor success here in the States, just barely recouping its $130 million budget according to Box Office Mojo but internationally, it cleaned up.

Personally, I’m in the minority when I say that Bad Boys 2 is the inferior film. It totally took the best part of the original – the humor and chemistry – and replaced it with over the top action and “Shake Your Tailfeather.” It’s fun, but it’s more of an event film than an action comedy. My favorite scene is when Mike and Marcus mess with Marcus’s daughter’s date, what does that say?

Here’s hoping whenever all the principals can get together to make this film, it’s the perfect blend of the humor from the first and action from the second.


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