Martin Scorsese Directing Biopic SINATRA

     May 13, 2009

martin_scorsese_frank_sinatra_01.jpgVariety is reporting that Martin Scorsese is directing a biopic based on the life of Frank Sinatra called, appropriately, “Sinatra”.  This news always goes down smooth because it’s the kind of film we expect from Scorsese.  It will be his fifth biopic (sixth if you count “The Last Temptation of Christ”), it’s an Italian-American director exploring the life of an Italian-American singer and actor, and Sinatra was a legend in his own time, much like the subject of Scorsese’s most recent biopic, Howard Hughes in “The Aviator”.  One day, I would really like Scorsese to just blow all of our minds and say “I’m directing the next ‘Transformers’ movie.”

The script is being developed by Phil Alden Robinson (“Sneakers”, “Field of Dreams”) and since it would kill Variety to actually call someone and make an inquiry, we’re left to wonder where this project lands in relation to everything else Scorsese potentially has on tap: the film about Boston hitman John Mortorano, “Silence”, and “I Heard You Paint Houses”.  Using my rudimentary knowledge, I would assume that “Silence” is going to be Scorsese’s next film simply because it has already has begun attaching names like Daniel Day Lewis, Benecio Del Toro, and Gael Garcia Bernal.  But that’s just pure conjecture on my part.  Sweet, pure conjecture.

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