Marvel at the Badness that is Syfy’s MEGA PIRANHA

     March 30, 2010

Mega Piranha.jpgOver the years, I’ve come across a lot of advance clips that make me think: “This movie is really going to suck.” Rarely do these clips make me want to see the flicks they’ve been lifted from. However, having just watched 1:51 of Syfy’s Mega Piranha, I pledge to you now that I will not rest until I behold the film in its atrocious entirety and laugh…laugh until I start coughing up blood. Here’s all you need to know: a group of people, including ’80s pop singer Tiffany Darwish and Brady Bunch alum Barry Williams, go head to head (and briefly, in a scene that’s sure to win your heart, feet to head) with a school of killer piranhas…big ones…that can fly! It’s going to be crap…glorious flaming crap. Syfy specializes in that sort of thing, and Mega Piranha, premiering April 10 at 9pm, will be their masterpiece; I can feel it.

And please, if you only hit one jump all year, make it this one.