Watch Iconic Artist Alex Ross Create a Huge Mural of Marvel’s Biggest Characters

     July 27, 2020


Prestige comics artist Alex Ross created a huge mural for Marvel featuring no less than 35 of their most iconic characters, and the company just released a behind-the-scenes video of the meticulous year-long project. Ross is known for his intricately detailed paintings, which treat superheroes almost like classical figures, and the work he did to create this mural is nothing less than amazing.


Image via Marvel

The five-minute video features the artist explaining his approach to the project, including showing off his original concept sketches and how he expanded on that initial idea to include so many characters. He reveals that he painted each individual hero separately, and goes into detail about some of the more challenging aspects of the different characters, like making Colossus and Iron Man appear sufficiently chromed out. Ross also goes into his background a little bit (the man has been drawing since he was a toddler), and that Spider-Man was his introduction to the world of comic books. (You get to watch him paint Spidey too, which is excellent.) We also see some extremely handy employees putting the finished mural up on the wall in Marvel’s New York City offices, and the completed piece looks truly incredible.

If you’re a big Ross fan and are silently weeping because you can’t see the mural in person, you’re in luck! Marvel is released 28 of the paintings as variant covers throughout September and October, so you’ll be able to scoop up your favorites. Unless your favorite is Iron Fist. Iron Fist did not make the cut. You can check out the video below. For more mighty Marvel news, check out the latest update on Thor: Love and Thunder.


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