Collider Kids: Captain America and Red Skull Square Off in a New ‘Marvel Funko’ Short

     January 21, 2018


Here at Collider, we cover a lot of stuff, be it Star Wars, superheroes, or cinephile fare, and everything from movies and TV, to video games and web series. There’s something for everyone. But there’s so much stuff out there that sometimes our younger audience members get left out. So every once in a while, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some family-friendly content that parents and caregivers can confidently watch with the little ones.

In today’s Collider Kids segment, we wanted to share some family-friendly news that you might have missed during the week. First up, we have a new animated short from the funny folks over at Marvel Funko, which pits Captain America against Red Skull once more! Additionally, DreamWorks’ Trolls: The Beat Goes On arrived on Netflix, continuing the adventures of the studio’s hit movie. We also have a fun family recipes from Disney, along with an invitation to join their #RockTheDots Minnie Mouse celebration. We’ll close this week’s installment out with some fun new puzzles featuring your favorite Cartoon Network kids shows!

Check it all out below!

Marvel Funko Presents: Submarine Showdown — Red Skull launches an attack on the island of Manhattan using a Hydra submarine, and it’s up to Cap to defend New York City!

Marvel and Funko have collaborated to create a second season of the extremely popular Marvel Funko animated shorts, the fifth of which, Submarine Showdown, was recently released! There are 8 Marvel Funko animated shorts in total for this second season and each one is ninety seconds in length. Featuring some of Marvel’s most popular Super Heroes and Villains, including Thor, Loki, Hulk, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Red Skull, Ant-Man, Hulkbuster, Ultron, Spider-Gwen, and Venom, the new animated short Submarine Showdown is AVAILABLE NOW on the Marvel HQ YouTube page.