Marvel in Talks with Hugo Weaving to Play CAPTAIN AMERICA Villain, Red Skull

     March 11, 2010


Hugo Weaving is in negotiations with Marvel Studios to play the villain Red Skull in Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger: Captain America.  While we all know how well Weaving can play a villain (don’t we, Mr. Anderson?), comics fans may not know how great he would be as Captain America’s arch-nemesis, so here’s a brief bio:

Johann Schmidt worked as Hitler’s right-hand man in 1941, specifically in the areas of terrorism, espiopnage, and sabotage.  Wearing a hideous red skull mask, Schmidt became a figure of Nazi propaganda.  The effect of this propaganda was so powerful that America was forced to counter and gave the super-soldier serum to Steve Rogers and created Captain America.  The two then clashed throughout World War II. Red Skull has no superhuman abilities but possesses genius-level intellect.

I know Mr. Weaving is a perfectly genial fellow, but I have no problem envisioning him as a red-skulled Nazi.  With his ability to play pure malice and scorn, Weaving may have finally found a suitable follow-up baddie to the unforgettable Agent Smith.  Heat Vision says that the deal is in a delicate stage but we should know how it works out in the next day or so.  Now if we could just find a Captain America…

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Here’s his abilities via Marvel’s official bio page:

The Red Skull was a genius at military, political, and subversive strategy. His brilliance was comparable to that of Napoleon. The Red Skull was a fine hand-to-hand combatant, although he was never a match for Captain America. The Red Skull was also a skilled marksman with various forms of handguns.

And here’s a little on his weapon of choice:

The Red Skull’s most infamous weapon was his so-called “dust of death.” The chemical composition of this powder is unknown, but it kills a victim within seconds of making contact with the victim’s skin, causing the skin on the victim’s head to tighten, shrivel, and take on a red discoloration, while causing all the hair on the victim’s head to fall out. As a result, the victim’s corpse appears to have a “red skull” for a head. While committing murders with this weapon, the Skull often hummed, whistled, or played a tape recording of Chopin’s funeral march, which was also the Skull’s trademark music when he committed murders in the early 1940’s. The Skull could fire his “dust of death” from a special handgun.


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