Marvel Studios at the Box Office: How Much Has Each Film Made?

     September 9, 2019

marvel-box-officeMarvel has been a hit at the box office for almost a decade.  Ever since Iron Man won over audiences back in 2008, the studio has had a string of hits.  Their successes range from modest to overwhelming, but they’ve changed the game, and there’s a reason other studios are chasing Marvel Studios’ model.  They own the first week of the summer movie season, and they continue to turn each new film into an event, each new character into a beloved franchise.

With the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, we’re looking back at the box office of every Marvel Studios film to see how they performed. We’re going to look at they’re opening weekend, domestic total, worldwide total, and reported budget. Of course, this is an incomplete picture. We don’t know the funding deals Marvel cut, the cost of P&A, or where the studio made the real money—merchandising.  That being said, the success of a film at the box office can still provide an indication of the film’s popularity and cultural impact.  It also shows how certain franchises have grown, stagnated, or compared to other movies in the MCU.

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