Marvel Must Be Rebooting Daredevil Because Katee Sackhoff Bought Some Comics

     May 23, 2009

daredevil_typhoid_mary_katee_sackoff_01.jpgIt’s Memorial Day weekend.  News is unbelievably slow.  Yesterday, one of the top stories was how an extra in “Spider-Man 3” killed herself.  That’s how slow it is.  And when news is slow, you gotta get creative.  And by “creative”, I mean “Take minor incidents and speculate like you’re on cable news.”

Today’s speculation comes courtesy of Golden Apple Comics who witnessed actress Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from “Battlestar Galactica”) buying all of their Typhoid Mary comics and then saying she wanted to get a part in a Marvel movie.  Then, ComingSoon proceeds to speculate that since Typhoid is a foe of both Daredevil and Deadpool, this could be a part in either a new Daredevil movie or the upcoming Deadpool spin-off.

Because an actress bought some comic books.

All actors and actresses who read Collider: you have a grand opportunity.  Go to your local comic store and just buy a bunch of comics.  Even better, pick up the most obscure, confounding characters you can.  Buy Namor or Dazzler or Rawhide Kid.  You have the power to send the geek world into a frenzy for less than $50.

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