Heroes: Will Marvel’s Phase 4 Feature the Fantastic Four?

     July 2, 2018

On this 258th episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Robert Meyer Burnett, and Markeia McCarty discuss the following:

  • Marvel’s Phase 4 is around the corner. What can we expect after the Disney/Fox merger and how much more likely is a Fantastic Four movie now?
  • Marvel announced that Fantastic Four #1 will be released on August 8, 2018. The panel offers some possible storylines and what we can expect from the creative team.
  • Deadline is reporting that Jeremy Irons has been cast in the pilot episode for HBO’s TV series Watchmen. No word yet on what role will be playing.
  • Laurence Fishburne dropped some possible spoilers on the Marvel red carpet about his role in Ant-Man and the Wasp.
  • Batman on Film is reporting that Matt ReevesThe Batman has entered the pre-production phase and has started quietly hiring crew for the film.
  • In an interview with Screen Rant, Kevin Feige was asked how the DCEU might improve. He answered that Richard Donner’s Superman is “the paradigm by which we all still should follow.”
  • A new photo of Brenton Thwaites as Robin from the Titans TV series was released, but DC announced that they will not have a Titans panel at SDCC this year.
  • Lewis Tan posted on his social media about a meeting he had with DC. Will he be playing the title role in Chris McKay‘s Nightwing?
  • THR reported that Jared Leto has been cast as the lead in Morbius, Sony’s live adaptation of the comic book character Morbius the Living Vampire.
  • That Hashtag Show reports that Kumail Nanjiani has joined Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth on the F. Gary Gray Men in Black reboot.
  • Patty Jenkins posted a first look on Twitter of Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva aka Cheetah from the set of Wonder Woman 1984.
  • THR is reporting that Hivemind has acquired the rights to the Image comics series Gideon Falls and has optioned it as a TV series.
Image via Warner Bros.

Image via Warner Bros.

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