Marvel @Twitter! News about the THOR Set and IRON MAN 2 Trailer in 140 Characters or Less!

     November 19, 2009


It’s a bit bizarre that Twitter is so polarizing when it’s just a tool.  It’s such a weird thing to get mad at and the accusation that it’s furthering the ADD of our culture is just silly because we were gone further it anyway.  But like all tools it can be useful.  That’s why instead of sending out a press release, Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada and prolific comic writer Brian Michael Bendis can quickly give their thoughts about Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming adaptation of Thor.  For instance, here’s what Bendis had to tweet: “Thor movie meeting with Ken Branagh [sic] was over the top amazing. Visited the sets! I was in Odin’s chamber!”  It’s really good news that one of Marvel’s top writers is so enthusiastic about a movie based on a Marvel project and I don’t have to re-tweet something like, “Thor movie looks like an abomination.  What have I done with my life?  Goodbye Crool World.”

But in news that was unexpected as well as exciting, @JonFavreau all but said we’re getting the first trailer for Iron Man 2 with Sherlock Holmes on December 25th.  It makes sense seeing as folks love the Robert Downey Jr (as well they should) and he stars in both movies. This is the power and the glory of Twitter.  This is straight from the director.  Not the rumor mill, not from a leak, but from the director making use of a new technology to get fans excited.  You can also follow me on Twitter and you can follow Steve!  The possibilities are endless!

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