30 New Images Reveal ‘Marvel’s What If?’ Animated Series

     November 12, 2019


We’ve known for a while now that Marvel’s Disney+ animated series What If…? would feature a trio of alt-world stories, but thanks to a new Marvel documentary (available on Disney+, of course), we have our first look at those stories in motion. Essentially, the premise is that the storytellers will look at the MCU as it exists in the current canon and posit a tweak: What if Peggy Carter took the Super Soldier serum? What if Captain America became a zombie and Bucky Barnes had to fight him? What if T’Challa became Star-Lord? Then, the sky’s the limit for how far their imagination and creativity takes the teams.

And from this first look, it’s obvious they had a blast stretching outside the bounds of the MCU. We’ve barely glimpsed these stories but I’m already pumped to see Peggy Carter get all jacked up and fight some no-good Nazis as Captain Carter (possibly Captain Britain?). And while we’ll likely never get a full-on live-action horror feature for Marvel’s Zombies (though I live to be surprised), we do get to see America’s Ass turned into one. As for Black Panther/Star-Lord, the tease is enough to hold us over for now. Check out our screengrabs from the documentary below.

But before we get into images for the three animated shorts that will get the What If …? treatment, remember that Jeffrey Wright‘s The Watcher is always (the) Watching. (Just don’t confuse him with The Witcher or Watchmen.)

Image via Disney+

Image via Disney+