‘Marvel’s Avengers’: Hawkeye’s Debut & Everything We Learned from the “War Table”

     July 29, 2020

Watch the July Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE for a breakdown of the campaign content, War Zones, and HARM Challenge Rooms you’ll take on during our August BETA weekends! #Reassemble #EmbraceYourPowers

Feel free to rewatch the presentation above, or scroll through to find out what we learned from today’s event:


Opens with a 25-minute Golden Gate Bridge sequence that sets up the story and allows you to play as each of the characters, culminating in a boss battle against Taskmaster

From there, Ms. Marvel and the Hulk head to the Pacific Northwest in search of J.A.R.V.I.S.; that globe-trotting adventure will bring your heroes into a confrontation with Abomination

Once single-player story content is complete, Iron Man, Kamala Khan, Black Widow and Hulk will be available for players to control in 4-player co-op in 3 H.A.R.M. Rooms, War Zones, and Drop Zones, accessible through an operational war table

H.A.R.M. Rooms – Holographic Augmented Reality Machine Rooms – Virtual Reality training rooms you can tackle solo, with AI, or with player companions


Image via Marvel

War Zones – Missions you can play with up to 4 heroes, either AI or companion players, or both. Each hero will have unique traversal methods in the environments. A HUD will point out mission objectives and points of interest, including in-game loot boxes. Missions range from 10 minutes to two hours.

Drop Zones – Smaller, more focused versions of War Zones with a single objective; great for leveling heroes quickly.

Progression – Beta includes missions made for different players and power levels, with increasingly ambitious missions becoming available. The Beta grants access to starting skill pages for each hero; other pages open in the full game. 20-some missions overall should offer a good taste before the main game arrives in September.


Image via Marvel

Heroics & Ultimates – Hulkbuster is Iron Man’s Ultimate and will be available in the Beta. Enjoy rocket-propelled melee attack combos and stage-clearing dash attacks. Extra powerful repulsor blasts, tanky damage-absorption, and a rocket-propelled gauntlet accents the Ultimate, but there are more secrets to be discovered.

Companion AI – These heroes are the ones that players unlock and level (and customize, if Hulk’s three-piece suit combo is any indication); the game adds your specialized, customized, tailor-made heroes.

Heroes – Joining after launch: Hawkeye (and his pup Lucky, we hope; yeah, we heard that little background bark!)

  • Hawkeye – His own unique story mission chain, available in co-op or solo. First look at the expanding world of Marvel’s Avengers after launch

“Reassmble” Campaign – Kamala’s quest to reunite the disbanded avengers, with six characters available at launch

“Avengers Initiative” Campaign – Protect the Earth as the reformed Avengers, from both existing threats and those to come; also solo or co-op

Full game includes 80 missions and new content like “Hives” and unannounced boss battles/regions

Marvel’s Avengers is teaming up with Epic Games to bring the Hulk Smash Pickaxe Bonus and Hulkbuster style to Fortnite for those who have completed the Beta.

From Square-Enix / Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers is a new action game that lets you suit up as your favorite Marvel superhero and do damage to supervillains and their henchmen. The game doesn’t officially launch until September 4th, but gamers will be able to get their hands on the Beta for PS4, Xbox One, and PC next month.


Image via Marvel

Here’s the Beta breakdown:

  • August 7-9: PlayStation Advantage Closed BETA: The first BETA weekend will be available for those who have pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation4. Pre-load will be available on August 6.
  • August 14-16: PlayStation Advantage Open BETA & Xbox/PC Closed BETA: The second BETA weekend will be open to the entire PS4 community as part of our PlayStation Advantage partnership. Additionally, those of you who have pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox or PC will be able to jump in and play. Pre-load will be available on August 13.
  • August 21: Open BETA for All: August 21 – 23 will give all fans across all platforms a chance to jump in and play the Marvel’s Avengers BETA! Pre-load will be available on August 20.

More info from Square-Enix follows below:

Important Note: You will need a Square Enix Member’s account to participate in the Marvel’s Avengers BETA. We use the Square-Enix Members account to validate pre-order codes and content, as well as to deliver post-launch content, like new heroes, new missions, and new regions at no cost.


We recommend that anyone planning on buying the game go ahead and register their account early, so they’re not caught in potential launch-day delays. In fact, everyone who signs up for an account will receive an exclusive Thor nameplate in the game!


Image via Marvel

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