‘Cloak & Dagger’ Stars Olivia Holt & Aubrey Joseph on Their Big Crossover Episode of ‘Runaways’

     December 13, 2019


From showrunners/writers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and based on the Marvel comics created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, the Hulu original series Marvel’s Runaways is back for its third and final season, and the Runaways must deal with corrupt parents, powerful aliens and the world’s most nefarious sorceress, all while trying to save each other. The series stars Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, Allegra Acosta, Annie Wersching, Ryan Sands, Angel Parker, Ever Carradine, James Marsters, Kevin Wesiman, Brigid Brannagh, James Yaegashi, Brittany Ishibashi and Elizabeth Hurley.

In both an interview on set during the shooting of Season 3 and a 1-on-1 phone interview, Cloak & Dagger co-stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph talked about their big crossover episode, how much they were told about what they’d get to do on Runaways, what it was like to join this cast, how things are for Tyrone and Tandy when they meet the Runaways, which characters they felt most connected to, and what they think fans will get most excited about.


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Question: When and how were you told that this crossover was finally going to actually happen, and how much were you told about what it would be?

OLIVIA HOLT: Well, if you know even a little bit about Marvel, then you know that I wasn’t told very much about the crossover episode. But I was told, a couple months ago, that we were gonna try and make this happen, and we were gonna try to bring this story to life and to bring all of these characters together, and I was so excited. Both Aubrey and I were really thrilled about working with the Runaways cast. We had been talking about this for ages now, and the fact that we finally did it, we’re really proud of it and I think everyone is gonna be really thrilled with how it’s turned out. It was very exciting and a really good experience, for all of us.

What was it like to go from your show to a show where the writers who aren’t as experienced with your character?

AUBREY JOSEPH: Our EP Joe Pokaski is very, very hands on with our show, so before we even started shooting, the writers’ room pitched the idea to us and asked what we felt about it and if there was anything we wanted to change. They were spot on, from the jump, honestly. They wrote our characters in so well that you could tell they did their research to find out a lot of stuff about Tyrone and Tandy’s relationship and who we are, as individuals, and the fact that Ty used to play ball. It’s a really good episode. It’s very well written. We didn’t really come into a situation that felt odd or confusing because we worked with Jeff Woolnough, as the director of this episode, and he’s directed two episodes of ours. It just felt like I was just stepping into Tyrone again. It was nothing to where they didn’t write him the right way, so I’m really excited about that.

HOLT: They definitely did their homework because there weren’t very many moments where it did not feel like our characters, which was nice ‘cause that’s not always the case. We were very lucky that they were prepared and they came in with a really killer story storyline for both of our characters. The whole synopsis of the episode was just above and beyond. The cast also really helped with that. We all fed really well off of each other, and that definitely makes a big difference, too. If the chemistry isn’t quite right, then it doesn’t really work. But luckily, we all got along really well and our characters fed off of each other, pretty amazingly. All of us feel really grateful, on that end.


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How was it to come onto this set and join this cast?

HOLT: I’ve truly never, ever, in my entire career, have experienced something like this. I believe they have 15 series regulars, and it’s hilarious because, on our show, there are five, and most of the time, it’s just Aubrey and I in scenes. So, there’s two of us, and we would onto this stage and were at least 17 people. It was a lot of people, but they’re all so used to it, so they made it really easy and comfortable for us to just step right in. Both Aubrey and I felt really grateful that they did that. On top of that, everyone was just really kind and really professional and awesome to work with. The kicker was definitely not being familiar with working with 16 other people, in one room. That was definitely a challenge, in itself, but a good one, to say the least.

JOSEPH: It was more people to meet and get to know, and it went beyond the actors who are playing the kids. The actors who play the parents were so sweet and so welcoming to us. Everybody was really welcoming to us. It was a lot of fun, and way more fun than I expected, honestly.

At the end of Season 2, Tyrone and Tandy left New Orleans. Where are they at in their lives, by the time we see them, in this crossover episode?

JOSEPH: It’s a confirmation for them. In the [crossover] episode, you’ll see some really cool using of Tyrone and Tony’s powers. Our first two seasons was us warming up and getting used to the powers. We’re at the point now where we know what we’re capable of. There’s still more learning to go, but we know what we’re capable of. We meet the Runaways at a point where we needed to meet. It’s not a point where we’re still trying to figure out our powers. We’re at a point where we can actually help them. That builds our confidence, that we make it out of this episode alive and we keep surviving. It’s a little boost of confidence for them, that they were meant to do this. No matter what happens, we’ve got each other’s backs and we’re gonna save this world somehow.

Will we get a sense of what Tandy and Tyrone had been up to, since we last saw them, or will it just be more of a feeling that some time has passed? 

JOSEPH: It’s not gonna be specified, but there’s definitely an immense time cut. It’s not like we’re on the bus, and then we teleport here. There’s definitely stuff that has happened in between, but it won’t be specified.

HOLT: I definitely feel like the audience will know that some time has passed. What they’ve been up to is left unsaid. You won’t see exactly what they’ve been up to. Going into the crossover episode, what’s most important is the relationship that they start to build with the Runaways. That’s our main focus.

How would you describe the dynamic between Tandy and Tyrone and the Runaways? What’s it like for them to not only learn that there are other kids with powers and that they’re not the only ones, but to learn that they’re actually better at it than somebody else?

runaways-poster-01JOSEPH: First and foremost, it’s just exciting for Tyrone and Tandy to meet teenagers who also have powers. They didn’t know that there were other kids like them. Obviously, there are other superheroes, but most of the ones that you hear about are adults. In Season 2, we had that whole bit about Luke Cage. So, just seeing that, in front of their faces, they’re like, This is crazy. If there are you guys in this world, there has to be a whole lot of other kids, like us, who have superpowers. That just opens the spectrum for them. It’s also a confirmation for them, that they were meant to be heroes. And if other kids have powers, too, the they’re all meant to be heroes. It feels good to team up and do good with someone else, other than just ourselves.

HOLT: What’s really special about this episode is you’ll get to see how they all interact together, and who meshes well with the others and who doesn’t. That’s gonna be really exciting for the audience and the fans to see. Also on top of that, most importantly, was the fact that this is, I believe, the first time in Marvel’s television history that we’re seeing a bunch of teen superheroes team up together and meet each other, and know that they’re not the only ones out there that are like this. It’s gonna be a pretty iconic and special moments for the fans, and it definitely was for us. I definitely would say it this moment in time that none of us ever thought that we would be doing, in our careers, and now it’s happened, and we feel very lucky. 

Olivia, is there anyone that Tandy gets to spend time with or that she finds herself most identifying with, in the group of Runaways?

HOLT: She definitely spent a lot of time with Nico (Lyrica Okano) and Karolina (Virginia Gardner). I don’t think Tandy is used to hanging out with girls her own age. In the beginning, she’s gonna have a little bit of a struggle and a challenge, trying to figure out exactly how to match well, between the two. What’s really special is that Tandy has definitely gained a lot of perspective, over the last two seasons of our show, so going into this, she definitely has a bit of an open mind, which is nice for everybody to see Tandy have because she is a little bit of a cynical human being.

Aubrey, which of the Runaways does Tyrone feel most connected to?

JOSEPH: I don’t want to give too much away, but through a lot of the episode, he spends a lot of time with Chase (Gregg Sulkin). They’re both young guys, who used to play sports, so they end up bonding, at a moment when they realize that.


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What do you think will surprise fans the most, when it comes to how Cloak and Dagger fit into this world?

JOSEPH: They’re gonna be surprised to see Cloak and Dagger come in and be more like, “Let’s get shit done. We’re here for some reason. I don’t know how we got here, but we’re here.” You see them not hesitating about their powers, at all. Tyrone and Tandy are at a point where they’re very confident with their powers. I just can’t wait for people to see it ‘cause the way that they pitched it to us was that it’s one of the biggest episodes, this season, and it is. It took a minute to shoot it, and it’s way bigger than you expect. Even if you expect big, it’s way bigger. I was really honored to be a part of that ‘cause this is a part of history. This is a big deal.

Olivia, do you feel like you learned anything about Tandy, by doing the crossover episode and seeing how she would interact with other kids with powers, that you maybe hadn’t realized about her, from just doing Cloak & Dagger?

HOLT: Absolutely! Tandy has only experienced Tyrone and Mayhem. It’s actually really good for Tandy to know that there are other kids like her, especially female superheroes. She gains a lot of perspective. Tandy has a hard time opening up, in that way, but she really does make a point to keep her heart and her mind open, and to trust not just Tyrone, who she has no problem trusting, but also the rest of the gang. That’s something that’s gonna be really nice for the fans to see Tandy experience.

Are there any moments that you’re most excited about?

JOSEPH: Just the moments when Ty and Tandy are with every single one of the Runaways, together. Those are the moments on set where we were like, “Oh, this is crazy! It’s really happening.” The real most exciting things, I can’t tell you because it would give it away, but I’m really excited about it.

Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 is available to stream at Hulu on December 13th.