Mary McDonnell and Jamie Bamber – Exclusive Video Interviews

     June 8, 2007

Last night, at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, a “Battlestar Galactica” event took place and some of the cast were there to talk about the show and answer questions from the fans. Here are some pictures.

The event was put on to help promote the upcoming DVD release of Razor (coming this fall) and to talk about the upcoming 4th season, which will be the last.

As you may have already watched the Ronald Moore interview that I posted late last night you know the deal. I was on the red carpet and got to ask some of the cast a few questions. While I would’ve loved to have posted it all last night, I just ran out of steam.

So now that I’ve had some rest,hereispart two of the interviews. I already posted part one which had Katee Sackhoff and Lucy Lawless.

And if you notice a new logo in the interviews (the Omelete logo) it’s because I’ve teamed up with the website. While most of you will have never heard of Omelete as they’re located in Brazil and it’s in Portuguese, they’re a huge movie website in Latin America and we’ve started working together. Already they’re posted some of my interviews and in the future I’ll be posting some of their exclusive stuff. It’s a perfect marriage and it’s going to be great for both of us and all of you.

And before getting to the interviews… when you hear other people’s voices besides mine it’s because the event was about to start and we had to combine questions.

Mary McDonnell

  • I came in mid conversation as the publicist told me we had limited time

  • Someone else asks… did she know that her character would die after getting cancer.

  • I ask if she had started filming the new season yet and she said she had started yesterday. I follow up with what was one of her lines from yesterday.

  • I also ask was it weird to be back knowing it was the end.

  • Someone else asks what would she like Earth to look like.

  • The final question was will her and Adama get together… she said she has no idea.

Jamie Bamber

  • He says he started filming the new season 3 weeks ago

  • I ask his reaction to knowing this is the last season and has it changed his perspective to filming each day

  • Someone else asks what he like to be able to do in this last season and he says he would like to direct.

  • He says there will be “no fillers” this season.

  • I ask what does he want as the finale

  • He says his character will make a big decision in the first few episodes of next season

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