Matt Dallas – Exclusive Video Interview

     May 13, 2007

After Matt Dallas won the Rising Star Award at this years Saturn’s he came to the press area to answer some questions. While I’ve heard of his show “Kyle XY”, I’ll admit to never having seen an episode.

It’s always a bit unusual to interview someone that you know people want answers from but you don’t know exactly what to ask to get something juicy and new. When I was asking him questions I was imagining how many fans of the show would’ve killed to have been standing there… but you all were stuck with me.

It’s a short interview but if you like his show he addresses a little bit of what’s coming next season as well as if he reads the blogs and fansites.

I’ve also posted a ton of other video interviews from the Saturn Awards so check the front page and take a look. I also have a lot more that will be going up later today and tomorrow – like the cast and creators of “Heroes.”

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