Matt Damon Believes Paul Greengrass WILL Return for BOURNE 4; Also Provides Updates on LIBERACE and TRUE GRIT

     December 4, 2009


Steve is currently at the press junket for Clint Eastwood’s Invictus and while there he was able to get updates from Matt Damon on Steven Soderbergh’s biopic Liberace, the Coen Brothers adaptation of True Grit, and most importantly, what’s happening with Bourne 4 now that director Paul Greengrass has left the project.  Damon provided brief updates on all of these in less than a minute.  It was impressive.

According to Damon, they’re still waiting on a script for Bourne 4 but that he’s planning to wait for Greengrass and when Greengrass wants to do it, they’ll do it.  He also says that he won’t make a fourth Bourne without Greengrass but he’s optimistic that the director will return at some point down the road.  As for Liberace, they’re planning on shooting it in the summer, and he confirmed he’s playing the role of La Beouf in True Grit which he’ll be shooting in March.  Hit the jump to read the transcript.

Matt Damon (2).jpgHow does the departure of Paul [Greengrass] influence the 4th Bourne movie?

MATT DAMON: I’ll just wait for him and when he wants to do one, we’ll do it.

What about LIBERACE?  Are you doing it?

DAMON: Yeah.  We’re definitely planning on shooting it this summer.

What about TRUE GRIT?

DAMON: Yeah, in March.

And who are you playing in that?

DAMON: The Glen Campbell character [La Beouf].

Who gets killed.

DAMON: Well it’s based very much on the book.

Are you saying it’s Greengrass or no Bourne?

DAMON: Yeah, I’ve always said that.  But I think it will happen down the road.  We just don’t have a script right now.

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