Watch: Matt Damon Popped Up on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to Play Brett Kavanaugh

     September 30, 2018

matt-damon-snl-sliceFor those who didn’t turn on the TV, look at a computer, or exist on this astral plane for the past week, the world is in a bit of an uproar right now over the impending confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. It’s a controversial, soul-draining story for everyone…except the writing staff of Saturday Night Live, who must be counting every blessing available to be returning to TV during a time so depressingly rich in material. NBC’s long-running sketch comedy series returned for its 44th season this weekend—with Adam Driver hosting, joined by musical guest Kanye West—and Matt Damon of all people got in on the action during the premiere’s cold open, playing Kavanaugh as the hyped up, frighteningly red-in-the-face former frat star that he is.

“I’m not backing down, you sons of bitches,” Damon sputtered as a cardboard Alyssa Milano standee looked on. “I don’t know the meaning of the word stop. To quote my hero, Clint Eastwood’s character in Gran Torino, ‘Get the hell off my lawn.'”

Honestly, Damon killed it, which maybe shouldn’t be a surprise after his spot-on Loki impression in Thor: Ragnarok. It was an uneven premiere overall—I’m not as militant about the quality of SNL as, say, Chevy Chase, but I understand the show’s constant inconsistency—but Driver was charmingly game, as always, and Damon’s cold open is a pretty terrific way to kick off a season. Plus, it’s always a treat to get an appearance from Rachel Dratch—here playing Senator Amy Klobuchar—one of the most underrated cast members in Saturday Night Live‘s long history.

Crack open a sweet, delicious beer and check out the full cold open below.

As an added bonus, here’s the sketch of the night, “New Look”, because the world needs far more Kyle Mooney in it.