Matt Discusses the Craft and Current State of Film Criticism with Paste Magazine’s Tim Regan-Porter

     December 21, 2009

ratatouille_anton_ego_01.jpgLast month, I was flattered to receive an invitation from Atlanta Film Festival 365 to speak on a panel about film criticism; specifically, what it means in the digital age, what stands for expertise, and does criticism even matter any more in face of the relentless democracy of the Internet?  From the print side was President and Publisher of Paste Magazine, Tim Regan-Porter.  The fact that AFF thought I was good enough to sit on the same panel as Tim was an honor in and of itself.  I also would like to thank AFF Communications Director Charles Judson for inviting me on the panel and AFF Executive Director Gabe Wardell for moderating.

After the jump, I’ve included the full panel discussion, which ran about an hour and ten minutes and is divided into eight parts.  These remarks are off-the-cuff and I apologize if I unintentionally offended any individual.  As for offending folks en masse, I’m okay with that.

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